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So what's wrong with using regular free weights at home? Nothing if you got a lot of room or you can afford them. Even the basic set of dumbbells takes up two full walls of space in a room. That's the beauty of adjustable dumbbells. Because of their innovative adjustable weight system we can take a whole rack of dumbbells and transform them into just one adjustable dumbbell. So you have a free weight system that maybe takes up 1/10 the space of regular free weights and it helps you save money too. I personally have a pair of regular dumbbells. Both are 7kgs (15.4 lbs) dumbbells, they both cost around US $66. The problem with them is that I've used them for my workouts for about a month or so. Through time, I began to gain muscle mass; thus I'm able to carry heavier weights. For me, I want to gain muscles. I want to get my ideal body, and for me to do that I have to get heavier weights to continue my workouts, because using just one set of weights I will never grow bigger from it after reaching a certain point. For people to gain mass, they have to increase the weights they use, from one point to another. So I have to buy a new set of new weights like maybe a 8-10kgs (17-22 lbs) set, and it is going to cost me more than the 7kgs ones, because regular weights are like this, the heavier, the more expensive it is. I had to go down to the gym every now and then, because the 7kg dumbbells at home are useless to me for that particular Muscle Amp X group that I'm working on,because its too light. The gym Is always so packed with people. It's embarrassing to workout with all the big and muscular people in the gym carrying weights twice as heavy as mine! Leg Exercise Why should Women Exercise their Legs? Benefits Leg exercises for women offer a lot of benefits, which include strengthening and tightening of the muscles apart from making these lean, toned and fit looking. As we age, the cartilage at the end of the knee bones which offer a cushioning effect begin to deteriorate resulting in improper functioning of the joint which leads to chronic pain. The right leg exercises can help to develop stronger leg muscles and thereby provide protection against knee osteoarthritis. Leg exercises also help to burn calories which help to develop lean muscle giving you toned, lean and fit looking legs which are physically appealing too. Exercises also help to boost the metabolic rate and thereby burn more fat from the body keeping you trim and fit always. Regular leg exercises also reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases with advancing age. Abdominal Exercise Why should women exercise their abdominals? Benefits Excess fat on the abdomen is one of the most common problems faced by women across the globe. A regular exercise regimen, which focuses on the abdominal region is great not just for getting back into shape but also for strengthening the muscles. 


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